ITAP3010 Developing Data Access Solutions

ITAP3010 Developing Data Access Solutions.

Student ID:
Full Name:
Developing Data Access Solutions
Weightage: 25%
Late penalty applies on late submission, 10% per day will be deducted.
0 mark for LATE Submission more than one week.
0 mark for DUPLICATED Submission or Shared Work.
You will be marked based on your submitted WORD DOCUMENT file on LMS. You are most welcome to check your file with your lab tutor before your submission. No excuses will be accepted due to absence from lecture or lab classes where details of lab requirements may be given.
Please make sure that you attend Lec/Tut EVERY WEEK as low attendance may result in academic penalty or failure of this unit.

ITAP3010 Developing Data Access Solutions Project
The purpose of assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:
LO 1 Describe advanced features and concepts of database design and data access solution development
LO 2 Model data using standard framework and use advanced queries across different data types
LO 3 Identify and implement data services and data access techniques over the web
LO 4 Perform data synchronisations and manage transactions
LO 5 Deploy and monitor data access applications to help increase reliability
Marking guide:
Note: This Marking Scheme is used as a guide only to the final grade, and rubric will be created upon.
Task Level of Performance
0 1 2 3 4 5
Created database with the mentioned tables.
ER diagram.
Constraint justification.
Insert screenshots of each step in a Word document with proper essay format (i.e., TOC).
Fully VS working project.
A button to retrieve information.
A button to exit.
Fully working insert/edit/delete form.
Total: /25 marks

Project Submission
Your submission will contain a zip folder which should include:
1) A word document (PDF will not be accepted) outlining the steps you used to create your VS project as well as the outputs by taking screenshots.
2) Your full MS Visual Studio project folder.
Put (1) and (2) together in one zipped file called ID_FullName.
Please be clear that the unit coordinator will not be responsible for a student who is unable to submit successfully working copies of files in their submission. The student will have no further chance to submit files or receive any remarking if this is the case. Make sure you have fully tested your application before zipping and submitting. Your submission will be unzipped and placed into the marker’s folder directory for marking, so keep this in mind.
If there is any exceptional case where a student’s project is unable to be marked, which should not occur, the project will be marked out 10 and the student will receive this mark out 10 as the final mark.
You will submit the zipped file at the “Project folder on Moodle”. This form is shown to you when you click on “Project” from the Assessment area. The form page contains the terms and conditions of the project such as declaring that you have not plagiarised, have kept a copy of your work, etc. In uploading and submitting your zip file, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, which you are being bound by in submitting work for the project and receiving a mark for it.
Relevant software can be downloaded here.

Developing Data Access Solutions Assignment
This assignment is on Database Development using Microsoft SQL Database (MSD), Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (MSSMS) and Microsoft Visual Studio (VS). It involves the following features of (MSD), (MSSMS) and (VS) to be used in solving a business problem:
A. Create database.
B. Data entry: tables, fields, records, and primary key.
C. Add, change, delete in database using forms.
D. Create relationship, sort and retrieve data.
E. Create and modify query, form, and report: wizard – Print report-based request (can be displayed in a text field or a text file).
You are to develop a simple database that will store notebook specification including price for each notebook using MSMS. Follow the instructions below.
1. MSMS.
2. Create a blank database in the MSMS and name it studentID_CompShop.
3. Create a new table named Laptop that contains these fields/attributes:

Field name Data type Constraints
ID autonumber Justify your solution here:
brand text Justify your solution here:
model text Justify your solution here:
processor text Justify your solution here:
memory text Justify your solution here:
harddisk text Justify your solution here:
price currency Justify your solution here:
4. Retain primary key fields name as Id.
5. Enter these data into Laptop table:
Field Name Data
brand Dell
model Insprion 6650
processor intel; Core i7
memory 16GB
Harddisk 512GB SSD
price 899.00
6. Close Laptop table.
7. Create a form to insert new data into Laptop table.
8. Save the insert form as New Laptop Form.
9. Enter data for four laptops using New Notebook Form.
10. Implement a button to retrieve these items: Brand, Model, Price. Display them using a table or grid view.
11. Create a report that will show all fields/attributes and sort the records according to Brand.
12. Adjust the columns in report design to ensure all data are displayed in a proper manner.
13. Close the report using a button.

ITAP3010 Developing Data Access Solutions


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