Knowing our communities

Knowing our communities.





Purpose: To be effective providers, it is essential to know our communities, gaps in services, and resources. In this assignment, research a specific community by going out into the community.
Part 1:
1. Select your community. It can be the one where you work or live, or any defined local area.
2. Review data for your community:
Some suggested sites:
3. Get out into the community and collect documentation. Documentation can be videos, photographs, bus tickets,
receipts, flyers, promotional materials, etc.
4. Compile your documentation into a narrated video, using the presentation format of your choice. Video should
1. Health Care Access: Identify community clinics in your area. What services they provide?
2. Local Public Health Services: Are Public Health services at the city, county, and/or state level? What
services are provided? What else is needed?
3. Vaccination Rates: How does the vaccination rate for children entering school compare to national
statistics? If a family has no health insurance, where can their children be vaccinated? Where can you get
a flu shot? How much does it cost?
4. Disaster Planning: How has your community prepared for disaster? Where can someone go to learn
more or be involved?
5. Health Education/Promotion: Find examples of health messages in the community. They could be in
billboards, bus signs, warning labels, etc. Include at least four in your presentation.
6. Community Engagement – What flyers, media or other information include a call to action? Who is
trying to engage consumers, and how? Is it effective?
7. Reflection: how would you rate the level of services? What is needed?


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Knowing our communities


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