Lab Analysis

Lab Analysis.


Important note: For each lab section, a course link has been created on Blackboard and depending on the lab section each of you registered in, you have access to it. Please note that you should go to that link for access to the lab contents for each week. For instance, student “Alice” has registered for the lab section 51. When she logs in to Blackboard, in addition to the link for this course, there is another course link, called “COMP1400-51-R-2020F: Intro: Algorithms & Prog I”, which is the one for all the students registered in lab section 51. For everything related to the labs, Alice should go to that page. She can then download the lab activity for each week, join the weekly online lab session for Section 51, submit her lab submission files, and check her mark for each lab over there.

This simply means every one of you will have two Blackboard course links for COMP1400. One is the course link you’ve already had, and one for your lab section.

Note 1: The first lab is based on the Unix/Linux system, so if you want to practice the lab activity in your own computer, you have multiple options (if you don’t have Linux OS):

1- Use NoMachine to connect to the servers remotely. Multiple tutorials are available on the “Resources” section.

2- Connect to a CS server ( using ssh, a tutorial is available here: (if you are using a Windows OS, you can simply install Putty and connect to a CS server)

3- Using an online Linux terminal (JSLinux): You can click on the following link and start working on an online Linux terminal:

* if you run gcc for the first time, it may take some time, because it has to download GCC and all dependencies. Next time you run, it will be much faster. If you want to compile your file faster, you can use tcc instead of gcc .

** This is good for temporary access to the Linux environment, especially if you want to practice Linux or C programming or test your program (generally, each time you click on the link, the server assumes you are a new user) so whenever you close the browser or the tab, the session is ended, and all files or directories that you have created on it will not be accessible.

4- You can install Cygwin (it is a set of tools that makes a Linux-like environment on Windows) :

Note 2: multiple tutorials are available on the “Resources” tab.

Very important note: if you want to use a CS server, first you should activate your account on the following website:

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Lab Analysis


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