Law Enforcement Recruitment

Law Enforcement Recruitment.


Background Information
One of the best ways to learn about a career is to determine what is expected of someone in that career. As
you experience this workshop, imagine you are either the applicant or an experienced hiring manager asked to
review the process, and complete the assignment from that perspective.
1. Review Chapter 2 in the textbook, Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices.
Use the link below to access the chapter.
2. Review the attached media 2.2 Resource: The Police
3. Research a local law enforcement agency online. Go to a local law enforcement agency website. Write a
two-page summary (not including photos, figures, graphs, etc.) that outlines the steps for obtaining a job as a
law enforcement professional with that agency. Make sure that you address the following:
(I live in Chicago, so please research a law enforcement agency in Chicago)
a. Briefly describe the law enforcement agency and its purpose.
b. What are the desired qualities for candidates?
c. What are the prerequisites for application?
d. What various tests are used to qualify recruits?
e. What is the length of academy training and what does the training entail?
f. What do you see as the style of law enforcement used by this agency? How do you know?
g. What challenges do you see in recruitment for this agency?
h. Typically, how long is the hiring process for this agency?

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Law Enforcement Recruitment


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