Law & Society R.

Law & Society R..


During the first few weeks of the course, we will be discussing topics you are interested in, the goals you have for your research, and reading several articles in the area of your interest. I created a folder on Blackboard called, “Research Topic Articles.” Here you can find various law and society articles organized by topics. You can use this to get you started. You may also have a research topic in mind already.

You can also access the John Jay library online and search for articles. As easy to start is to look for specific topics on Google Scholar and if you find an article that interest you there, you can look it up through John Jay library to access it for free.

For this assignment, you will answer the following questions:

What research topic are you interested in? Why?
Find and read two articles in your topic area. What was the article about? What are the key findings? What methods do they use to gather their findings?
How does this topic area build on the scholarship of Law and Society?




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Law & Society R.


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