Legal Requirements for Business Negotiations Competency

Legal Requirements for Business Negotiations Competency.

Deliverable 1 – Legal Requirements for Business Negotiations
Assess the global commerce environment for application of country-specific and U.S. laws.
Wonderful Wines of the USA is a U. S. based company. You are the HR Manager reporting directly to the VP of HR, Mr. Alberto Romero. Recently, the company has acquired a wine vineyard company in France. This will be the first time the employees from Wonderful Wines work globally. Because of their lack of familiarity with working globally, Albert has asked you to develop a training program regarding country-specific and U. S. international laws. He wants to see applicable laws related to France and the EU, as well as U. S. laws, as the foundation of your training plan. Specifically, this initial training should focus on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the EU Bribery Act, and applicable French Law requirements for business negotiation in other countries. This training will initially be provided to leadership and management.
Prepare a training presentation including speaker notes. Your presentation must include the following:
Summary of the key components of the following laws as they relate to global business negotiation. Consider ethics and prohibitions regarding bribery as well as any other applicable components:
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
EU Bribery Act (2010)
French Law
Recommendations to the leadership and management audience on the key components of the following laws in terms of how they should be used in developing negotiation strategies in France:
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
French and European Union laws.
Analysis of the risk potential for the company of not following these Acts and Laws.
Guidance for leadership and management regarding their legal responsibilities in managing the negotiation workforce in France.
Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the presentation.
Source Complete via EBSCO
Business via ProQuest
ASP: Human Resource Management Online

Legal Requirements for Business Negotiations Competency


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