Legislative Letter

Legislative Letter.


Interpret research, bringing the nursing perspective, for policymakers and
Obj. 5) Evaluate current advocacy strategies that influence health, healthcare systems, and policies
Assignment: Legislative Letter, Bibliography, Talking Points
Review the resources located within the module.
First Step: Choose a legislative bill concerning a health policy of interest to you from the Virginia Nurses
Association (VNA) list provided in the module. This list may not be available in time for you to begin work on
this assignment. So, you may want to review the list of healthcare-related bills from the Virginia General
Assembly website (see below) to make your choice. See the VNA Public Policy Platform below to help guide
Remember that in choosing a bill in which you plan to endorse or oppose, you need to understand all the
components of the bill, not just the piece you are interested in. You will track your chosen bill through the
Legislative Session as the basis of the Bill Tracking assignment. Please read the Bill Tracking assignment in
conjunction with this assignment.
To choose a bill or to find the bill you have chosen from the VNA list of bills, go to the website for Virginia
General Assembly:, where you will look on the right and see “Search
Legislation with Lis”, begin clicking; “2021 Regular Session Tracking”, “Bills and Resolutions”, “All Legislation”
which will take you to the list of all the bills. You will be able to click on your chosen bill to read the entire bill.
Become familiar with this website. At the top of the site you will see “Click for Bill Tracking, Meetings, Who’s My
Second Step: Conduct a review of the literature related to the policy/bill issue and develop a Bibliography of at
least 10 citations in APA format. Your Bibliography is the list of resources used to inform your views. The
Bibliography is not used as a Reference List. You will not cite your references in the letter you write.
Third Step: Write a legislative letter to the state legislator who represents your state district (a senator or
delegate) of no more than 1 1/2 pages single-spaced. Website to identify your Virginia legislators:
See tips for advocacy and communicating with your legislator under the Legislature Letter Assignment folder.
Letter criteria/rubric:
If you have chosen a House bill then write to your Delegate. Likewise, if a Senate bill is chosen then write to
your Senator. If the House Bill (HB) has already cleared the House and is on the way to the Senate, then write
to your Senator about the House bill and vice versa
Correct salutation and spelling of legislator’s name, header that includes his/her address
Identification of yourself as a constituent with name, address, and phone number
Identification of the particular bill by its full name, bill number, and bill content
Policy issue clearly stated
Position on the bill with supporting information
Positive or negative impact on you and your community
Any personal story you can add is going to have a bigger impact than any facts you cite
Outcome you would like to see from your legislator
Concluding statement

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Legislative Letter


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