Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent.



Write a 500-750-word letter of intent to the funding sponsor you identified in Topic 2. This paper (letter) is due by the end of Topic 3.

The Scenario: Imagine your funding source is a foundation. One of the first steps you will have to take to apply for a grant will be to write a letter of intent. Although letters of intent are typically required of foundations and not government sources, a letter of intent can be a valuable part of any proposal planning process, from governments or foundations. Because the goal of a letter of intent is to spark interest from funders, this letter is a good place to begin the work of articulating how your proposal matches the priorities of your funding source.

Your Task: Using your needs statement and what you have learned about the next stages of the grant writing process, write a letter of intent to the funding sponsor you identified in Topic 2. Make sure you include these parts of the letter of intent:

Use standard business letter format: block style is standard. There is an attached example Word cover letter for you to use as a guide if needed.
Draft an opening paragraph that uses the sponsor’s language to introduce your project and show that it will meet your funding source’s goals.
Revise and include your needs statement. Make sure you give background, scope, and justification for the problem. Be clear about what aspect of the problem you want to solve, what you plan to do, and the kinds of things you will need to make the solution work. Throughout this section, try to heighten the interest of your audience (the funding source).
Describe your organization. What do they represent? What are their qualifications? What are your qualifications? How do the goals of your organization match the funding sponsor’s goals? Throughout this section, focus on establishing the credibility of your organization.
Revise your instrumental purpose. Typically, you will want to ask if the grant-givers will consider a fuller proposal.

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Letter of Intent


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