Literature Analysis

Literature Analysis.


Paper instructions

According to the Regent Master’s Thesis Manual, there are three sections to a thesis.

Section I: Introduction
Section II: Review of the Literature
Section III: The Working Outline

objective is to write a paper about the role of the chaplain during crisis.

The following are some recommended suggestions for your title depending on the focus of your thesis:

“The Benefits of Spiritual Care Provided by Professional Chaplains During Critical Incidents” (If you want to focus on Military Chaplain, then so indicate)

“The Role of a Chaplain During Times of Crisis (or Critical incidents)”

Whatever topic I choose, I want to make sure it is clear, achievable, and manageable.

Suggested outline for the body of the thesis:

Section 1, Introduction

Significance of the problem (justification for the project)
Thesis statement
Scope/limits of the investigation; definition of key terms; method by which the master’s thesis will be prosecuted

Section 2, Review of the Literature

The literature review surveys the development of scholarship leading up to the statement of the problem he or she wishes to address. This literature review demonstrates the writer’s competence in isolating an issue, in following the academic debate surrounding it, in laying out the various options, and stating in at least general terms how he/she will frame a solution to the problem.


Section 3 A working outline of the master’s thesis project should include a chapter-by-chapter summary of how the master’s thesis will be prosecuted.

In section 3, you might want to write chapters about the various roles of a chaplain during critical incidents:

The role of a chaplain during death and dying.

The role of a chaplain during natural disasters.

The role of a chaplain during sickness, emergency, and health-care

The role of a chaplain during community crisis.

The role of a chaplain as

–Spiritual First Aid

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Literature Analysis


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