Management assignment代写:协同物流和供应链管理

Management assignment代写:协同物流和供应链管理.

Management assignment代写:协同物流和供应链管理

零售业中有很多竞争性企业都采用了协同物流和供应链管理。利用信息和通信技术,链上每一个专门的合作伙伴都可以尽最大努力开发其核心产品或服务。运营一个一体化的物流和供应链需要不断的信息流,链上的企业通过使用物流和供应链管理软件、在线服务甚至社交网络,能够及时掌握大量的最新信息。本报告致力于研究信息通信技术在零售业物流和供应链管理中的前沿应用,以及云计算对零售业物流和供应链管理中信息通信技术应用的当前和潜在影响。首先,分析了信息和通信技术在企业层面帮助企业在信息和全球化时代保持优势的显著价值。然后回顾了覆盖物流和供应链管理领域的各种软件。最后,分析了云计算对零售业物流和供应链管理的影响。 结论 ICT已经以软件、在线服务甚至社交网络的形式广泛应用于零售业的物流和供应链管理中,同时ICT的应用也有可能与云计算的浪潮相去甚远。在公司一级,信息和通信技术用于上下级之间的垂直信息传输以及各部门和职位之间的横向信息传输。零售环境下巨大的物流和供应链管理市场对软件开发人员具有相当大的吸引力,他们的敬业精神使得软件对零售环境下物流和供应链管理的每一个小分支都产生了巨大的影响。在云计算即将到来之际,传统的物流和供应链管理软件供应商对基于云计算的软件的未来充满了憧憬,因此他们正将注意力转移到开发基于云计算的物流和供应链管理软件和服务上。与传统的物流和供应链管理相比,零售环境中的云物流和供应链管理具有更高的灵活性、成本效益和快速的资源供应特性。在不久的将来,由于包括云计算在内的技术的迅速发展,ICT将在零售环境中的供应链管理中得到更深入和更广泛的应用。

A plethora of competitive enterprises in retail industry have utilized collaborative logistics and supply chain management.  Leveraging ICT, every dedicated partner on the chain could do their utmost on developing their core products or services.  Running an incorporated logistics and supply chain needs a constant flow of information, and firms on the chain are able to keep abreast of scores of latest information with using logistics and supply chain management softwares, online service or even social network.  The report is dedicated to investigating the cutting-edge application of ICT in the logistics and supply chain management in retail environment, and the current and potential influence of cloud computing on ICT application in the logistics and supply chain management of retail industry.  At first, the remarkable values of ICT at enterprise level on helping enterprises keeping their edges in this information and globalization age were analyzed.  Then the various softwares that blanket the landscape of logistics and supply chain management were reviewed.  At last, the current and upcoming influences of cloud computing on the logistics and supply chain management of retail industry were examined.  CONCLUSIONICT has already been used extensively in the logistics and supply chain management of the retail industry in the form of softwares, online services and even social network, and at the same time, the ICT application has the potential to go far with the wave of cloud computing.  At the firm level, ICT is used for vertical information transmission between upper levels and lower levels as well as for horizontal information transmission among various departments and positions.  The vast market of logistics and supply chain management in the retail environment is considerably intriguing to software developers, and their dedication work makes softwares exerting an enormous influence on every small branch of logistics and supply chain management in the retail environment.  With the cloud computing just around the corner, traditional logistics and supply chain management software vendors envisioned the promising future of cloud-computing based softwares, so they are shifting to focusing their attention on developing cloud-computing based logistics and supply chain management software and service.  In comparison with traditional logistics and supply chain management, cloud logistics and supply chain management in retail environment is more competitive for their highly flexible, cost-effective, and fast resource provisioning properties.  In the upcoming future, ICT would get deeper and more extensive use in supply chain management in the retail environment due to the prompt development of technologies including cloud computing.  

Management assignment代写:协同物流和供应链管理

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Management assignment代写:协同物流和供应链管理


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