Management assignment代写:管理行为观察及其理论应用

Management assignment代写:管理行为观察及其理论应用.

Management assignment代写:管理行为观察及其理论应用

无论从个人、团体还是组织的角度来看,管理人都是他们研究的重点。由于管理者和领导者面临着快速的变化,经济的不确定性,和竞争的挑战,一个关键的生存方式是有效地管理员工(公司2012,10页)。这不仅需要实践经验,也适合理论能够解释这些经验明确(格里芬与穆尔2011,p. 25)。 本文着重研究管理行为观察及其理论应用。第一部分描述了一个团队中的经理,我有机会和他一起工作并观察。第二部分包括几个理论,可以帮助读者了解案例,回答理论解释管理行为和经理有效性等问题。 总之,在分析我个人与办公室经理共事的经验时,人们如何看待自己在工作中的作用以及管理人员如何行使权力是可以理解的,这是有效而有效地管理员工的两个关键因素(亨特1986)。我的经理做了一个好工作管理办公室和管理在她能够解决角色模糊问题和她的力量改变一些错误的方式,她的员工。当然也有管理人的其他许多方面,如领导能力、团队文化和管理冲突,这也值得进一步探讨和实践(Dixit,2001,p. 520)。 此外,角色模糊不仅影响绩效,而且降低员工的有效性,这是管理人的一个问题。以前的研究已经证明,角色模糊会导致许多与工作有关的问题(陈,毛,谢2012,第719页;蒂莫西和克里斯托弗2012,第75页)。在组织上,管理者要提高有效性和效率往往强调增加员工了解他们应该做什么,他们需要达到什么样的目标。因为工作人员对自己的角色没有明确的认识,他们会犹豫是否要完成任务,因为他们不确定任务是不是很敏感或者重要,他们最好不要进入。另外,在我的情况下,我收到了其他同事的负面反馈,如“你有时做的不适当”,这让我很沮丧。因此,一个成功的管理者将确保明确澄清职责(弗洛依德-莱恩2000,第154页;鲍尔2002,第10页)。
Management assignment代写:管理行为观察及其理论应用

No matter from the perspective of individuals, groups or organizations, managing people is usually a focus of their study. Since managers and leaders faces challenges from rapid change, economic uncertainty, and competition, and one key way to survive is to efficiently managing employees (Natoli 2012, p. 10). This requires not only practical experiences but also suitable theories that are able to explain those experiences explicitly (Griffin & Moorhead 2011, p. 25).  This paper focuses on the managing behavior observation and theory application. The first part describes a case of a manager in a group that I have had the chance to work with and observe. The second part consist of several theories that could help readers to understand the case, answering questions such as how the theory explain the managing behavior and how effective the manger is.  In sum, in the analysis of my personal experience working with an office manager it is understandable that how people perceive their role in work and how managers exercise their power are two key elements to manage people efficiently and effectively (Hunt 1986). In my case the manager did a good job to run the office and manage her staff in the way that she was able to solve the problem of role ambiguity and change some wrongdoings by her power. Of course there are many other aspects of managing people, such as leadership, group culture and managing conflict, which also deserve further discussion and practice (Dixit 2001, p. 520).  Furthermore, role ambiguity not only influences performance but also reduces an employee’s effectiveness, which render as a problem in managing people. Previous studies have demonstrated that role ambiguity causes a host of dysfunctional job-related problems (Chen, Mao, & Hsieh 2012, p. 719; Timothy & Christopher 2012, p. 75). Organizationally, managers who would like to increase the effectiveness and efficiency often emphasize to increase staff’s understanding of what they should do and what goal they need to reach. Because staff who do not have a clear idea about their roles feel hesitate to do tasks because they is not sure if the task was something sensitive or important that they had better not to get into. Also, in my case I received negative feedback from other colleagues such as “what you just did was inappropriate” from times to times, which frustrated me to keep going. Therefore, a successful manager will make sure that a explicit clarification of duty exists (Floyd & Lane 2000, p. 154; Bauer 2002, p. 10).  

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Management assignment代写:管理行为观察及其理论应用


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