“Matt one-pager for Riehl (2006)”

“Matt one-pager for Riehl (2006)”.

Our common reading for this week is the article by Kaomea (2003 ) About post-structuralism Theory
You will engage in a close reading of your assigned article and compose a one-page document, which we call a “one-pager”.

The ‘one-pager’ that you’ll share here should list clearly your name and the assigned article that you read. For example, I might list mine as
“Matt one-pager for Riehl (2006)”
This will make it easier for us in class as we search for what others wrote about a specific article.
Your one-pager will be comprised of the following:
1) a one-paragraph summary of the reading (in your own words);
2) what you consider three important quotes from the reading; and
3) how you think the reading relates to the “common reading” for that particular perspective. post-structuralism
In simple words this assignment need you first to read this article Kaomea (2003 ) provided for you in this order then you will need to find another article discussing post-structuralism including the above elements write one page about them.



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“Matt one-pager for Riehl (2006)”


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