mechanisms in memory formation

mechanisms in memory formation.

Discuss how something you learned in this class is (or could be) relevant to your life. You may also choose to write about something that impressed and/or surprised you (even if it doesn’t have direct relevance to your life).
 Maybe it’s something you learned about older adults that will help you interact with your grandparents. Maybe it’s the perils of prospective memory failures. Maybe it’s the fleeting nature (and susceptibility to distractions) of your short-term
memory. Maybe it’s the importance of attention to just about everything you do. Maybe it’s the role of brain
mechanisms in memory formation. Maybe it’s the unreliability of eyewitness identifications or the scary statistics of
wrongful convictions. Or maybe it’s another one of dozens of concepts and memory phenomena that we discussed
in class.
Concept that I have chosen:
Maybe it’s the role of brain mechanisms in memory formation
Describe the concept/phenomenon in your own words. (2 points)
Explain how it is (or could be) relevant to your life (OR why it surprised/impressed you). (3 points)
Example (not to be used): In this class, I learned that mnemonics were memory strategies that helped people
remember. Memory strategies help us organize information and make it distinctive, and thus more memorable. This
is relevant to my life because I am a college student who needs to remember a lot of information from my classes.
Knowing about organizing the material and making it more distinctive can help me learn effectively and for the long
term. I did not realize that silly acronyms I learned in elementary school were actually examples of effective


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mechanisms in memory formation


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