Mini Research

Mini Research.

Purpose: Write an exploratory research paper on a topic of interest relating to any of the following chapters in
our textbook (Baase & Henry, 2018).
Your research papers are 5-page minimum, APA format (12pt. Times New Roman font). Research and include
(2) quality references in addition to our textbook to support your topic.
Chapter 2: Privacy
This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore the scholarly literature, identify a specific topic of interest,
and write about it.
Your mini research paper should be based on a minimum of one peer-reviewed research study and two other
scholarly sources (e.g., book chapters, conference proceedings, government documents). These sources must
be cited within the paper and included in your list of references at the end of the paper. The sources must be
relevant to your topic and have a publication date of 2015. Use NSU’s electronic database to search for
scholarly sources. The paper must be a minimum of five double-spaced
pages including the title page and references. A minimum of 12-point font and APA format must be used.
Required Outline:
• Background/Introduction (including a specific purpose statement)
• Discussion
• Conclusions
• References
Following is a list of databases and journals you can access in NSU’s library at Search for Databases by Subject and select Computer and Information
ACM Digital Library – Association for Computing Machinery
• Computers and Society
• Journal of the ACM; Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction (PACMHCI)
IEEE/IET Electronic Library – IEEE
• IEEE Internet of Things Journal
• IEEE Security & Privacy (magazine)
• IEEE Sensors Journal
• IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (magazine)
ScienceDirect Reference Works – Elsevier
• Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Computers in Human
Behavior, Computers & Security, International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Business
SpringerLink – Springer
• Ethics and Information Technology
• Information Systems Frontiers, Science and Engineering Ethics, Ethics and Information Technology
Wiley Online Library
• Information Systems Journal, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Journal of
Consumer Affairs, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Privacy & Data Security Law Resource – Bloomberg BNA – Bureau of National Affairs
Homeland Security Digital Library – United States Government



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Mini Research


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