MIS200: Management Information System

MIS200: Management Information System.

Group Project Guidelines

1. Choose any UM-based company.

2. Critically review its current business operations and identify any problem it might face currently.

3. Suggest a technological solution for that problem that can be either a tool or web-based platform including information system or software.

4. You have to follow the below structure for your report:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Abstract Introduction (mention the importance of IS/IT in today’s world) Company Background (its current business operations, what kind of current Information Communication Technologies/ICT it is using and BOGs) Draw the diagram of MIS dimensions (closely linked to your case company)
  • Description of the Problem (you may consider COVID-19 challenges)
  • Solution (technology, tool, software etc.)
  • Justification (how new Information System will really solve the problem)
  • Conclusion

Assignment Brief

  • The objectives of the course
    • to learn how to read published articles in the field
    • to learn general skills of writing your dissertation
    • to learn how to solve real-life problems in a structural way
    • to learn how to conduct an independent research


  • Outline of the course
    • Research process
    • Research proposal and literature review
    • Inductive research and data collection
    • Deductive research and data collection
    • Types of data and descriptive statistics
    • Basics of hypothesis testing
    • Hypothesis testing, a test of association
    • Regression analysis
    • Meta-Analysis
    • Event study in Accounting & Finance

Lecture 1 Research process

  • What is research?
  • Features of research in Accounting & Finance
  • Types of research
  • The philosophical issues of research
  • From the observed problem to research questions
  • The process of conducting research
  • Two examples

Lecture 1 Research process

What is research?

To do research is to provide an answer to a question or to find a solution for a practical problem

Management-oriented research vs. academic research

Applied (empirical) research vs. Fundamental  (theoretical) research

Quantitative vs. qualitative research

Lecture 1

Research process

  • Features of research in Accounting and finance
  • Social sciences
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Theory-led research vs Problem-centered research
  • Practitioner research vs Academic research
  • Positive vs Interpretive

Lecture 1

Research process

  • Types of research
  • Reporting: to present what it is
  • Descriptive: to summarize what you observed
  • Explanatory: to explain the phenomenon (theory)
  • Predictive: to predict what will be

Q: think about an example, you can do research at different levels on the same topic

Lecture 1

Research process

Example: explanatory & predictive research

Productivity = Constant + a0*Working arrangement +error

Consumption = Constant + a1*Income + error

From explanatory research to obtain “a”,

From predictive research to forecast the level of consumption next year given the expected income in next year.

Lecture 1

Research process

  • The philosophical issues of research
    • The assumption about the nature of social reality

(ontological )

  • objectivism
  • constructivism (subjective)
  • The assumption about the nature of knowledge


  • positivism
  • interpretivism

Q: What about the conflict between Economics and Management Science?

Q: Is it possible to combine them?

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MIS200: Management Information System


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