MNG03218 Managing Information Systems

MNG03218 Managing Information Systems.

MNG03218 Managing Information Systems
Assignment 2 Preparation Session
Ass 2 Requirements
¦ Purpose: To evaluate your capability to use a systematic process (i.e., SDLC discussed in Topic 4 of the
subject) to make a comprehensive proposal to a sponsor to get approval for selecting, developing, and
implementing an information system (also loosely called implementing an information system in the UIG),
which could help the chosen organization by :
¦ Improving an existing system
¦ Introducing a new system
¦ Creating a new business opportunity
¦ Improving organisational productivity
Assignment 2 Requirements(Cont…)
¦ Tor the purpose of better utilizing the content and knowledge discussed in the unit, Suggested Information
Systems for Assignment 2 include:
¦ ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems,
Enterprise Portals, Data Warehouse & Data Mining Applications, Data Analytics/Business
Intelligence/Business Analytics Applications, and Knowledge Management Systems, and Collaboration
21/01/2021 [Solved] 62753 – MNG03218 Managing Information SystemsAssignment 3/5
¦ Alternatively an integrated information system with combined features of several systems mentioned above.
¦ The focus of A2 is NOT on an App or a RFID type applications, but a system directed above.
Assignment 2 Content-1
¦ Di!
_ iscussion of Organizational Context
¦ Good summary (concise but not over simplifying) and presentation of organizational context (including
such information as industry, visions, missions, business processes).
¦ Discussion of External and Internal Environments
¦ Good discussion of internal and external environments; Could Apply (via a tailored approach) such tools as
Porter’ Five Forces Model, SWOT Model
¦ Good discussion of market trend and international best practices of strategic uses of IS/IT in the market
where the organization is competing in.
Assignment 2 Content-2
¦ Identification of the Problem and Opportunity for IS/IT
¦ Good discussion of identifying the problem and the opportunity for IS/IT
¦ Such discussion should link to your discussion of Internal and External Environments
¦ Justification of the Chosen System
¦ Good feasibilities studies; Good justification and communication of reasons for the selection proposed
system; Good discussion of how the proposed system will fit the organization and support the strategic goals
of the organization; Good discussion of advantages and disadvantages of alternative systems and decision
making process of selecting the appropriate system.
Assignment 2 Content-3
em Analysis and System Design
¦ Good system analysis and functional specifications for the proposed system; Clear and well established
deliverables of the proposed system; Clear description of how information needs were investigated and
researched (e.g., in consultation with, talked to….); Good discussion of design of the proposed system.
¦ Development, Testing and Implementation
¦ Good discussion of development activities; Good discussion of how required hardware and software will be
acquired (or developed); Good discussion of testing activities (e.g., including unit testing, system testing,
integration testing and user acceptance testing); Good discussion of training approaches and activities; Good
discussion of conversion approach and process; Good discussion integration and security & privacy issues.
Assignment 2 Content-4
JPost Implementation Activities
¦ Good discussion of post-implementation activities, e.g., conducting post-implementation review, performing
changes, corrections, additions, and upgrades to ensure the system continues to meet the business goals,
providing help to support the system users (e.g., building a help desk and support team), and providing an
environment to support system changes.
¦ Project Management, Change Management, and Risk Management
¦ Good discussion of the sponsor of the project, project plan
& activities, project governance & organization, and ro es & responsibilities of project team members; Good
discussion of risk management processes & activities; Good discussion of change management processes &
activities. 7
Key Relevant Study Materials
¦¦UIG: For detailed Assignment 2 requirements and marking criteria.
¦ Topic 4 Lecture PPTs and Study Guide Topic 4 for key information on SDLC activities and other important
¦ PPTs and Recording for detailed discussion on Assignment 2 preparation.
¦ Reading 4.6 for an example (only) of a report discussing applying SDLC to inforamtion systems
21/01/2021 [Solved] 62753 – MNG03218 Managing Information SystemsAssignment 4/5
development – Please be aware you need to follow Topic 4 Lecture PPTs and Study Guide Topic 4 for
Assignment 2.
Your sponsor should be impressed with your report!
Suggested Format for your report
¦ Covering letter to your sponsor
¦ Title Page (Title/Affiliation/Name/Position/Date)
¦ Executive summary (1 page)
¦ Table of contents
¦ Introduction
¦ Discussion of Assignment Questions (i.e., discussed in Slide 4 To Slide 7 of this session) one by one -Could
use the questions as sub-headings.
¦ Conclusions
¦ References list
¦ Appendices
Wish A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You and Your Family!
All the best in 2021!

MNG03218 Managing Information Systems


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