MongoDB and Crud

MongoDB and Crud.

In this assignment, you will gain experience using the Dash framework to create a dashboard that interacts with the database. The dashboard should prompt the user to input their name and password. This will ensure that you have complied with your client’s security requirements for database access. You will facilitate the authentication of dashboard users by developing code that uses appropriate framework components. These components should retrieve the username and password from the dashboard user to provide authentication for MongoDB. This assignment is intended to expose you to the Dash framework and give you practice with the callbacks. You will not be required to integrate the username and password interface into your final dashboard for Project Two.

Note: This assignment requires you to use the “aacuser” account and password that you set up back in the Module Three milestone. If you did not successfully complete the milestone, follow the steps in Part II of the milestone to set up the “aacuser” account before beginning this assignment.

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MongoDB and Crud


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