Motor Learning and Control for Human Performance 

Motor Learning and Control for Human Performance .

Motor Learning and Control for Human Performance. Introduction: The Mid Term Report assesses the following Module Learning Outcomes (MLO’s)

Motor Learning and Control for Human Performance


The Mid Term Report assesses the following Module Learning Outcomes (MLO’s)
1. evaluate the movement patterns, characteristics and the processes in the learning of motor skills, using analytic thinking and knowledge of motor learning and control;

2.      generate ideas in improving sports training and exercise techniques, using diagnostic skills when observing and correcting faulty movements or learning processes;

3.      develop coaching and practicing strategies for the learning of new sports techniques and movements, applying the principles and knowledge of motor learning and control; and

4.      design methodologies for lab study and evaluate results obtained in lab works concerning motor control, skill learning, practice conditions and measurement of motor performance, and formulate lab reports


The portfolio allows students to demonstrate learning from a range of topics within the module, using motor control and learning theory and practical applications.

–          Submit your portfolio via Moodle/Turnitin submission box.

o   Late submissions will incur a 10% penalty per day (e.g., 2 days late will lead to a 20% grade deduction).

–          Adhere to the maximum word counts (including references) +/- 10% words is acceptable.

o   Submissions outside of this range will incur a minimum 10% grade penalty.

–          Portfolios must be submitted in Microsoft Word using Size 12 font (Times New Roman) with 1.5 spacing.

–          Plagiarism similarity index must be <25%. Failure to achieve this will lead to your submission being scrutinized for plagiarism and may lead to a grade deduction, failure of assessment or further disciplinary action.

–          Align each of your question responses with the respective rubrics.

Question 1 (12 marks)
–          Select a sport of your choice and organize a sports coaching course for a group of beginners.

–          Your coaching plan must include 6 key skills from your sport.

o   E.g., Golf: chipping, pitching, iron half swing, iron full swing, wood full swing, and tee off

–          Produce a coaching plan in table format including date, timing, warm-up, skills, cool down and also distribution of practice.
o   Note this should not be excessive in duration (per session or total length of course)

–          The coaching plan aims to maximize learning efficiency. Therefore, you will need to carefully structure each session and implement motor learning and control concepts (e.g., contextual interference, motor program theory and schema, block or random practice, practice variability, etc).

–          Write a justification (500 words +/- 10%) of why you have structure/distribute your coaching plan in this particular way.

–          Use literature support and include a reference list in APA format.


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Motor Learning and Control for Human Performance 


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