Movie analysis

Movie analysis.



Watch movie below and complete the attached worksheet.
Melvin Van Peebles’ Classified X 1998 (52mins)
This documentary explores the representation of African Americans in the history of American cinema through the eyes of
Melvin Van Peebles – Director, Actor, Producer, Editor and Musician.
1. Originally, how were African American actors depicted in movies in what Van Peebles’ refers to as the “Old Negro” era?
2. What is meant by the “New Negro” and how did the representation change during this era?
3. How were black actors portrayed in independent black films?
4. Why did black actors play in roles that weren’t necessarily positive stereotypes?
5. What is meant by the “No Negro” era?
6. How does Van Peebles describe the “Blaxploitation” era in film? What was his contribution to the genre?
7. Since 1998, when this documentary was made, how have opportunities changed for African American actors? Be specific.
Names of 10-15 African American actors (female, male, LGBTQ), roles they’ve played – positive or negative, titles of movies,
awards won, etc. Include 3-4 names of African American directors and titles of their films.




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Movie analysis


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