Movies for Kids Project

Movies for Kids Project.




Choose an animated movie that has been advertised for children (e.g. The Little Mermaid, Shrek, Up, Kung Fu Panda). This assignment will require you to analyze the movie for developmental concepts and create a poster to explain.
Watch the film and look for developmental concepts. The concepts can be things the characters are experiencing. In the example poster (see accompanying PowerPoint), I used Inside Out, Riley is an adolescent, and displays development appropriate for her age. You could also look for concepts that the viewer might be learning. Is the movie teaching concepts that are (or are not) developmentally appropriate for the target viewer?
Some concepts you might consider: language development, emotion regulation, scaffolding and zone of proximal development, egocentrism, motor skills., identity development, parenting styles, attachment, nature vs. nurture, Piaget’s stages (sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, formal operations). You can use concepts not on this list. If you are unsure, use the worksheets at the end of this document and we can workshop your ideas.
For each concept, explain the concept. Use information learned in class and include theories or terms (e.g. Erikson’s identity vs. role confusion.) as appropriate. Underline these explanations. For each concept provide 1-3 examples of where the concept is demonstrated in the movie.
I also want you to think about what age the movie is appropriate for. Think about what kids are ready to understand and give a reason for why you think this is the ideal age or age range for the movie (Example: Many Disney movies have the death of a parent, which may be distressing for kids in Early Childhood ages 2-6. Kids in this stage may be scared and have trouble emotionally regulating. They may also have a hard time separating the fantasy of the movie from reality which could cause distress if they are worried that their parent may also die.).
Please provide a few images. It should also support the text. Don’t just use the movie poster or a picture of the main characters.
All information should go in ONE PowerPoint slide. Font size should be 9point or larger.
If you use sources other than the textbook or class lectures, please put each citation or link on a separate line in the “notes” of the PowerPoint. (I used Common Sense Media as supporting material; see my PowerPoint Poster example).

Poster Presentation Rubric:
• Provide a brief summary of the movie 3 points

• What age (or age range) is this movie appropriate for? 2 points
o Why? 5 points

• THREE developmental concepts that are shown in the movie? 30 points
o Explain the concept
o Provide example(s) of where you see the concept in the movie.

• Presentation included at least one visual component 5 points
o Images should support a point you are making

• Present Poster in ~5 minutes. 5 points
o You give a very brief introduction and explain in more detail 1-2 concepts.

See PowerPoint to read text. You may also use the PowerPoint as a template, or make your own.

Movie Project Planning Worksheet
Part 1
1. Movie Title
2. Movie Summary
3. Age
4. Developmental Concepts
a. _________________
b. _________________
c. _________________
5. Other notes
Part 2
1. Why age?
a. Reason/example
b. Reason/example (optional)
2. Concept 1 __________________
a. Define
b. Supporting information
c. Example 1
d. Example 2 (optional)
e. Example 3 (optional)
3. Concept 2 __________________
a. Define
b. Supporting information
c. Example 1
d. Example 2 (optional)
e. Example 3 (optional)
4. Concept 3 __________________
a. Define
b. Supporting information
c. Example 1
d. Example 2 (optional)
e. Example 3 (optional)
5. Image list
Part 3
1. Draft poster
a. Copy in text
b. Add images
c. Work on initial placement and visual aesthetic
2. Edit Poster
a. Edit text
b. Move words and images so that the flow of the poster is easy to read
c. Check for underlining of key terms
d. Add sources/citation to Notes






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Movies for Kids Project


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