MQ AFIN310 Assignment Financial issues 代写

MQ AFIN310 Assignment Financial issues 代写.

MQ AFIN310 Assignment Financial issues 代写

 Sem 1 – 2017Financial Services Regulatory andcompliance issuesAssignment• Instructions for the report/article– Use your own words – the work must be yours (refer to the notebelow on plagiarism)– Write clearly and use plain language– Demonstrate your understanding with examples– Provide appropriate source referencing– Concise and effective answers– Presented professionally– Flowing coherently• Plagiarism – Turnitin similarity reporting strictly applies  penalties canbe applied for similarity identified (on a case by case basis). Systemicplagiarism will result in zero mark ( possible further actions may apply inaccordance with the university rules and procedures).2Assignment (100 Marks)You have been asked to write a 2-3 page article (max 1,000 words)in your local monthly magazine explaining the following:1. Recent FOFA reforms (25 Marks)2. Recently introduced legislations related to raising Professional Standardsof Financial Advisers  (25Marks)3. Finally, your article needs to address your views of whether the recentFOFA reforms relate to Best Interest Duty, scaled advice, conflictedremuneration and the recently introduced legislation related to improvededucational and professional standards of financial advisers have beenwarranted. You also need to comment on the success of the FOFA reformsto date in terms of their impact on the quality of advice, access to adviceand consumer protection. (25 Marks)MQ AFIN310 Assignment Financial issues 代写 

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MQ AFIN310 Assignment Financial issues 代写


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