My Degree is a (EDD) Doctorate in Performance Improvement Leadership

My Degree is a (EDD) Doctorate in Performance Improvement Leadership.

My Degree is a (EDD) Doctorate in Performance Improvement Leadership
Discussion Overview
In this week’s discussion, you will reflect on the writing process with your fellow learners.
What You Need to Know
The Five Disciplines
You were introduced to the possible impact of resolving problems and developing individuals’ full potential through commitment to an organization that learns—a learning community. Schools That Learn provides a valuable introduction to the five learning disciplines and systems thinking.
The information in Schools That Learn provides practical strategies for better understanding of solving problems. As you read, consider how one’s mental models contribute to our understanding of a problem of practice.
Senge, P., Cambron-McCabe, N., Lucas, T., Smith, B., Dutton, J., & Kleiner, A. (2012). Schools that learn: A fifth discipline fieldbook for educators, parents, and everyone who cares about education. Crown Publishing.
Part II, Chapter 1, “Creating a Context for Organizational Learning.”
Part II, Chapter 2, “Personal Mastery.”
Part II, Chapter 3, “Shared Vision.”
Part II, Chapter 4, “Mental Models.”
Part II, Chapter 5, “Team Learning.”
Part II, Chapter 6, “Systems Thinking.”
Prepare: Do Your Revision Matrix
You should have received your graded Literature Review assignment with your instructor’s feedback.
The way that scholars and researchers write is an iterative process. As part of the writing process, scholars and researchers draft and seek feedback and revisit their work to make changes and develop their ideas. Take some time now to review your instructor’s feedback and editorial recommendations. Reflect on your writing choices and the relationship between your intentions as you were writing and how they were received by your reader (the instructor). Consider which writing tools and resources will help you continue to grow and improve as a scholarly writer.
Use the Week 4 Writing Revision Matrix [DOCX] to document how you have used your instructor’s feedback and other writing resources to revise your work. You will complete a separate writing revision matrix worksheet for the Week 7 assignment as well and submit both for a grade during Week 9.
Write Your Discussion Post
Reflecting on the Writing Process
We spoke earlier in this course about the distinction between writing as a product (a book, an e-mail, a course paper, et cetera) and a process (assessing the writing situation, pre-writing, drafting, revising, et cetera). For this activity, you will discuss some of your experience with the writing process while you worked on your literature review:
Describe the feedback you received from your instructor and Smarthinking for your Literature Review assignment.
Explain two specific strategies you can apply to integrate the feedback as you prepare your writing revision matrix for your final assignment due in Week 9.
Describe the part of the writing process that you consider most important to your work as a doctoral student and a scholar-practitioner.
State the area of the writing process that is the most challenging for you. Describe two resources or tools that you might use to address this challenge in your writing process.

My Degree is a (EDD) Doctorate in Performance Improvement Leadership


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