Mythic qualities of a persuasive message

Mythic qualities of a persuasive message.



STEP 1 First, use a theoretical lens to assess the narrative and mythic qualities of a persuasive message (of any kind). Choose from the following (or make the case for another theory of your choosing): Dramatism (focusing on comic- and tragic-framing), Genre theory, Equilibrium theory, or Codes theory.
STEP 2 Critique a published narrative inquiry, concretely explaining the construction and effectiveness of the essay’s central claim.
STEP 3 Develop a prospective research agenda for a project using narrative inquiry, which you will deliver as a 4-8 minute (virtual) presentation. Your agenda should: (a) concretely explain a culturally relevant, communication-intensive phenomenon or event; (b) present a research question or hypothesis about how narrative and myth are embedded in the phenomenon or event; and (c) provide a clear rationale for the project, explaining its relevance, its use of narrative inquiry, and its use of a select theoretical lens.
STEP 4 Lastly, create a visually-engaging instructional guide for conducting a narrative inquiry (entirely in your own words).






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Mythic qualities of a persuasive message


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