News organization

News organization.


Explore how the source of revenue might influence the way a news organization
covers the news, the types of stories it covers, and how it covers those stories. To complete this assignment
you will need to watch, listen, and read the following stories, and then discuss your observations.
Part One:
For part one, you will be listening to a radio news story, watching a news story on a television network, and
reading an online news article. All three of these mediums will cover Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. If you only
choose one outlet (ex: only reading the news article) you will not receive full credit. Below are the links to all
three sources:
Radio: Here and Now – WallStreetBets, Reddit, GameStop: What’s Going Down On Wall Street?
Note: Press the play button next to the title on the page to play the story.
Television: ABC – Reddit community WallStreetBets squeezes short sellers

Online News: The Guardian – WallStreetBets’ founder on GameStop: ‘I didn’t think it would go this far’
After going through all three mediums, answer the following questions:
Question 1: Discuss how each platform handles the news story. How are they reporting the news? Does the
medium impact how they report it? What points are they focusing on? (1 paragraph)
Question 2: Compare and contrast the three mediums. Which one was the most effective, and which one was
the least effective, at explaining the same story? (1 paragraph)
Question 3: Do you think the medium itself can impact the audience’s perception of the news? In other words,
is the medium impacting how the message is delivered? Why or why not? (1 paragraph)
Part Two
For part two, you will watch the first 20 minutes of two nightly news broadcasts from two different news
organizations. One will come from a non-profit entity (PBS), and the other comes from a for-profit company
(NBC). If you only choose one outlet (ex: only watching the for-profit news outlet) you will not receive full credit.
Note that you do not have to watch the entire broadcast, only the first 20 minutes of both news broadcasts. The
links are below:
Watch the
PBS News Hour (not for profit)
NBCNews (for profit)

After watching answer the follow questions:
Question 4: List the stories covered by each newscast in the first 20 minutes.
Question 5: Overall, what were the differences between the two newscasts? Was one more informative? More
entertaining? More trustworthy? (1 paragraph)
Question 6: Choose a story that was covered by both newscasts. What was different about the two versions?
(1 paragraph)
Question 7: PBS is a non-profit organization that relies on government funding, corporate support, and viewer
donations. NBC is a for-profit company that relies on advertising. Do you think reliance on advertising and the
profit motive explains any of the differences between the two stories or the two newscasts? (1 paragraph)
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News organization


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