No outside resources there is a book recommended for it. I will send you a link where you can read the book.

No outside resources there is a book recommended for it. I will send you a link where you can read the book..

Can you help me understand this Writing question? Note: No outside resources there is a book recommended for it. I will send you a link where you can read the book. Chapter 1 and 2Writing about paradigms Paper 1: Writing about the Paradigms Capra suggests that there needs to be a shift in paradigms. He emphasizes that it is his belief that a shift towards the paradigm he terms “deep ecology” is a sustainable and sensible movement away from the current paradigm which he determines to be ecologically destructive and unsustainable. In your first paper you will be expected to define both of these paradigms – deep ecology and shallow ecology respectively. It is expected that after reading you are capable of differentiating, in detail, the differences between the two. In this sense your essay will employ several rhetorical strategies: definition, description, comparison & contrast. Not only is it expected that you can differentiate and clearly articulate the differences between the paradigms, you are expected to communicate Capra’s rationale for why a shift from one to the other is vital and necessary. A portion of the paper, most certainly the last part – the conclusion and the paragraph or so leading up to the closing – will likely express why a shift from one to the other must happen or is happening (according to Capra).This paper is rhetorically structured around defining and describing rather than arguing. You will not be taking a position towards either paradigm, you will not be critiquing Capra’s logic or offering your opinion in this matter. Your goal is to define in an objective manner the differentiations between the two paradigms. Criteria: Follow MLA format
adhere to the conventions of standard written English
adopt a style and structure suitable for academic writing at the college level
upload a Word or OS Pages compatible file by due date
Structure: Introduction Forecast the points to be developed in the body paragraphs
Capra’s ideas: old paradigm and new paradigm (shallow ecology and deep ecology)
Book title, author
Ex. In his book The Web of Life, Fritj of Capra suggests that we are living in a cultural paradigm he terms shallow ecology. Capra also suggests that the shallow ecology paradigm should be shifted from due to the destructive nature of its dominant tendencies. He goes on to say that we should shift from this old paradigm to a new one that he calls deep ecology. These paradigms differ in their “concepts, values, perceptions and practices,” and these differences may mean the survival of not only the human species but of the planet as well (Capra 6). Body Bridge Paragraph w/general definition of paradigm and Capra’s definition of “social paradigm” (6)Option 1Paragraph 1: Example 1 — (concepts) New – Deep Old – Shallow Paragraph 2: Example 2 — (values)New
Paragraph 3: Example 3 — (perceptions) New
Option 2Paragraph 1 – Paradigm 1 (Old/Shallow)Quality 1
Quality 2
Quality 3
Paragraph 2 – Paradigm 2 (New/Deep)Quality 1
Quality 2
Quality 3
Conclusion Restate key points from introduction; thesis
Possible summary of main points or key ideas
Necessity of a shift in your opinion as a movement towards “solution” Response to Capra’s ideas From the text: Shallow Ecology Deep Ecology Self-assertive Thinking Rational Analysis Reductionist
Self-assertive Values Expansion
Competition Quantity
Dominion Integrative Thinking Intuitive
Integrative Values Conservation
Partnership Requirements: Five paragraph or more   |   .doc file

No outside resources there is a book recommended for it. I will send you a link where you can read the book.


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