NRSG 370 Clinical Speciality Elective 代写

NRSG 370 Clinical Speciality Elective 代写.

NRSG 370 Clinical Speciality Elective 代写

Supplementary Assessment: NRSG 370 Clinical Speciality ElectivePlease write a 1000 word essay discussing and analysing the professionalattributes and scope of practice that differentiates the specialty nurse in yourelective. The purpose of the essay is to identify the additional education andtraining required to move from novice to expert in a particular field. You mayuse the NMBA competency standards for Registered nurses or the specialitynursing competency related to your elective to frame your answer.Please construct your essay with an introduction, body and conclusion. You arerequired to consult nursing literature and reference your work using APA stylereferencing. A marking rubric is attached to guide your writing.• Due: 2 weeks post notification of eligibility for supplementaryassessment. DUE DATE IS IN THE EMAIL TO YOU OFFERING YOUSUPPLEMENTARY ASSESSMENT• Submission via Turnitin dropbox on LEO Clinical Speciality Elective site-Assessment block.Please be advised that if you pass the supplementary assessment, the highestgrade you can achieve is ‘Pass’ (PA). You may choose to decline yoursupplementary assessment if you wish, but please note that as you are onlyallowed one eligible NF grade in your course, you will not be allowed anysubsequent opportunities at supplementary assessments.If you are unable to complete your scheduled supplementary assessment dueto exceptional circumstances (which will require documentary evidence), youmust contact the course advisor/Coordinator on your campus as soon aspossible to see if you qualify for Special Consideration.Marking rubric for supplementary assessment NRSG 370Criteria for markingHigh Distinction(85-100%)Distinction(75-84%)Credit(65-74%)Pass(50-64%)Unsatisfactory(0-49%)Total markDiscussionCohesive and logicaldiscussion.Comprehensive andinsightful analysis.Cohesive and logicaldiscussion.Well-developed analysisCohesive and logicaldiscussion.Some attempt at analysisA logical discussion ispresented with limitedanalysis.Little/no cohesion to flowof discussions.Broad generalisations aremade.Discussions consist largelyof personal opinion.50%Evidence to support theAnalysisRelevant, high qualityliterature utilised withsophisticatedinterpretation andanalysis.Relevant, quality literatureutilised with consistentappropriate interpretation& application.Relevant literature usedwith erratic butappropriateinterpretation &application.Some relevant literatureused with some attemptto interpret & apply theliterature.No use of the literature30%Organisation,Presentation andReferencingFlawless presentation.High standard of writtencommunication with fewerrors of spelling andgrammar.Mostly accuratereferencing using APAformat.Effective writtencommunication with fewerrors of spelling andgrammarMostly accuratereferencing using APAformat.Effective writtencommunication althougha number of spelling andgrammatical errors.Mostly accuratereferencing using APAformat.Poor, writtenpresentation andreferencing, not at anacademic/professionalstandard.20%Total100%

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NRSG 370 Clinical Speciality Elective 代写


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