NUR415 Discussion PostStep 1: This week’s discussion focuses on the influence of the media following a public health emergency or disaster.

NUR415 Discussion PostStep 1: This week’s discussion focuses on the influence of the media following a public health emergency or disaster..

I’m working on a Nursing exercise and need support.NUR415 Discussion PostStep 1: This week’s discussion focuses on the influence of the media following a public health emergency or disaster. Be sure that you have read the assigned reading before writing your initial post. Refer to chapter 30, Figure 30-2: Disaster and Emergency Planning to formulate your response. Step 2: Post a response in the discussion board addressing the following: Briefly describe a disaster or public health emergency of which you were aware or involved and consider the following. Using the flow chart in chapter 30 of the text (Figure 30-2), talk about the influence (positive or negative) of the media, including social media, at 3 or 4 places in the cycle. Include several different types of media and research in your response.
Share any personal or professional experiences you have had with the media, including social media, during or in preparation for a disaster or public health emergency.
Step 3: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them. Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.Response Posts: In your responses to your classmates, contribute to the discussion with your own original opinions or interpretation of the course materials. Response 1 Holly: The events of Sept 11, 2001, were a National tragedy, a public health emergency, and a disaster. It was a sentinel event. It was the worst terrorist attack on the United States we had ever seen and had a great impact on many Americans and around the world. In the flow chart in our book, we are shown how a National emergency is handled. After the event occurs, the Federal emergency response team is activated. A Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment is done. The governor of the state requests of the President that a state of emergency is declared. Then, FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) is activated. The president then decides to declare a disaster. The field office discusses the disaster with the Feds and the State governing officials. Then FEMA is signed. (DCN, (n.d.).I was a mother of two young sons at the time ages 5 and 4. Because I was watching the news in the house they were watching. The media they observed on the television was vivid and violent. I remember them drawing pictures of airplanes on fire, people running and buildings falling down in heaps of smoke. Prior to 9/11, the Columbine school shooting took place in 1999 near our home in Colorado. This also was such a devastating time for us and we were influenced by what we saw and heard and read in and on the radio, television, newspapers, magazines. Chapter 30 figure 2 in our text this week shows the National Health Security Strategy Objectives. One is to build and sustain healthy communities, another is to enhance the production and to use medical and non-medical interventions. Thirdly the objective is to ensure health situational awareness. The fourth objective is to integrate public health, health care, and emergency management. Lastly, the goal is to strengthen global health security. All these objectives can be positively and negatively communicated in the media in all forms depending on what spin the communicator takes. After the events of 9/11, the extended media coverage contributed to congressional policy changes in the event of a national disaster. (Sylves, 2008). The changes increased the presidential authoritative power to declare emergencies. The Homeland Security Act was signed by President George W. Bush. in November 2002. Response 2 Corbin: After the attack on 9/11/2001, Americans began to receive mail that was laced with Anthrax. Some, unfortunately, lost their love in this bioterrorism attack, and others fell very ill. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes the danger of Anthrax used as a biological weapon saying: “Anthrax makes a good weapon because it can be released quietly and without anyone knowing. The microscopic spores could be put into powders, sprays, food, and water. Because they are so small, you may not be able to see, smell, or taste them.” (2020) After, the attack President George Bush signed into action the Project BioShield Act of 2004 to accelerate research countermeasures like vaccines and treatment for the various agents. Biodefense act brought secure funding, secure research development, and establishing Emergency Use Authorization (EAU). Media at the outset made fear and confusion abound. “Early news coverage of what became known as the “Amerithrax” case was frequently alarmist in tone and included inaccurate information that likely contributed to a climate of confusion and fear.” (Warrick, 2011
Requirements: Main thread should be at least 100 words minimum. Two peer responses should be at least 50 words minimum.

NUR415 Discussion PostStep 1: This week’s discussion focuses on the influence of the media following a public health emergency or disaster.


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