Nutrition and relationship to CVD, diabetes, cancer

Nutrition and relationship to CVD, diabetes, cancer.




Select a NUTRITION topic of your choice, something we have covered in class or a NUTRITION topic that interests you.
Nutritional intervention in obesity/weight management
Nutrition and relationship to CVD, diabetes, cancer (pick only one)
Benefits of exercise (include recommendations, types of exercise intensities…)
Digestive tract issues (IBS, IBD, celiac disease, GERD (acid reflux), gallbladder disease, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, diverticulitis,
Surgical intervention and weight loss
Medical Nutrition Therapy diets (only pick one) for CVD, diabetes, celiac disease, kidney disease (diabetes diet, DASH diet, Mediterranean diet….)
Nutritional deficiencies (specific nutrient) related to disease
Obesity epidemic in the United States, childhood or adult obesity
Life cycle nutrition (prenatal nutrition or geriatric nutrition)
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFD or NASH)
Metabolic Syndrome
Celiac Disease
Fructose Intolerance (malabsorption)
Must be typed, 12 font, double spaced, and a title page is required.
Must be turned in thru canvas, use a WORD or PDF document only! (Turnitin will be used), DO NOT EMAIL PAPERS TO INSTRUCTOR.
3 pages (double spaced), (if less than 3-pages points will be deducted)
Must use 2 references. Please use APA (American Psychological Association) format for your in-text citations and for citing your reference/ sources (you do not need to create an abstract for this assignment)
Must use reputable references, this is a “research” paper you need to use sources that provide actual research data and correct facts and information (list of reputable sources below) (healthline, men’s health, women’s health are not reputable sources/references).
Example of APA formatted reference:

For citations and APA format for references check out: (Links to an external site.)

Author(s). year. title of the article, journal (underline or italic). Where it was found (website…)

Smith, J.S., and T.M. Jones. (1990). Diabetes and renal failure. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Retrieved from: list website or copy and paste link here

List of acceptable sources: (these are just examples, these are NOT links), you may use other sources as well. Many of these examples are Peer Reviewed Journals, professional organizations, research organizations and public awareness organizations and associations. Peer Reviewed Journals are scholarly journals that contain articles and studies written by experts and are also reviewed by several other experts in the field of study.

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Nutrition and relationship to CVD, diabetes, cancer


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