Obstacles to defining the role of a leader

Obstacles to defining the role of a leader.


One of the obstacles to defining the role of a leader is the difficulty in defining what leadership entails. Think about the role of leadership in the criminal-justice system and answer the following questions in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document:

How can you differentiate between the role of a leader and a manager in the criminal justice system with reference to the following:

Operational functions of the organization, such as budget planning, recruitment and hiring, infrastructure maintenance, and performance reviews
Relationship with subordinates in the organization

Are there any overlaps between effective leadership and effective management roles in the criminal-justice system?
Does being an effective leader in the criminal justice system conflict with being an effective manager?
Are leadership responsibilities tied to official job descriptions in criminal justice or could a criminal justice agent of any position be a leader? Why?
How do the different ways of interpreting and defining a leader’s role influence effective leadership? Explain with reference to the various definitions of leadership as a specialized role and a shared influence process.

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Obstacles to defining the role of a leader


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