Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges.



During the synchronous component, you and your colleagues will have opportunities to apply your clinical skills and psychopharmacology knowledge in role plays that reflect actual clinical situations. What aspects of clinical psychopharmacology seem especially challenging to you as you envision addressing patients in different scenarios? Think specifically about subpopulations, coexisting medical conditions, patients’ demands for or resistance to medications, and psychologists’ interactions with prescribing professionals.

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then, reflect on the challenges you identified in last week’s Discussion. Next, consider the strategies you might use to address these challenges. Finally, think about what topic or concept from the course readings you are most looking forward to reviewing, and why.
Post a summary of the challenges related to clinical psychopharmacology that you identified in last week’s Discussion. Then, explain how you hope to address these challenges during the synchronous component of this course. Finally, explain what topic, skill, or concept from the readings on geriatrics and treatment disparities you are most looking forward to reviewing, and explain why.





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Overcoming Challenges


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