Parenting style

Parenting style.



Parenting. It’s complicated and nuanced. Critical thinking regarding parenting is crucial. Recognizing the
impact of culture is an important element in parenting. Understanding how your faith is impacted by the
parenting you received and the parenting you implement is important. This reflection assignment will help you
sharpen your focus on these topics.
Review the parenting styles discussed in Chapter 10 (pgs. 228 – 229). Identify which parenting style you
experienced as a child. How did your culture impact the parenting style you experienced? If you have children,
discuss which parenting style you use with your children and why. If you do not have children, discuss which
parenting style you would use if you had children and why. How does Scripture impact your view and style of
• The article review should be at least 500 words of content (not including the Reference page)
• The article review use APA formatting
o A title page is not required, but a reference page is required.
• There should be at least three References in total.
o At least one scholarly journal article must be included as a Reference.
Using the Jerry Falwell Library, select full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles that directly relate to
the topic for each essay. The textbook may be used but does not count toward the two required scholarly
o The textbook must be included as a Reference
o The Bible must be included as a Reference.
• In-text citations are required.
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Parenting style


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