Part 1

Part 1.

Part 1
For each of the core subjects (English, maths and science) consider what you believe should be included in a school ethos and curriculum. Discuss your beliefs and approaches, providing a rationale for each subject drawing on your own experience, peer-reviewed journals and professional reports. Include some discussion of the potential drawbacks of each approach and the practicalities of implementing them, supported by reading and data where appropriate. You must distribute the word count evenly between the three subjects. (Approximately 3000 words)
Part 2
Imagine you are a core subject leader in a school that has had a recent OFSTED inspection. Identify a target for improvement in your subject. Complete a proposal form, that would be submitted to governors, which explains how you would address school development to address the OFSTED recommendation. This proposal form will be supplied in taught sessions. You will use this proposal form to inform your explanation in Part 3. (Approximately 500 words)
Part 3
Provide a rationale to explain the choices you would make to develop the curriculum and teaching approaches across the school. Explain the research that underpins your proposal including peer-review journal articles, as well as considering the solutions to any potential barriers or limitations. (Approximately 500 words) 
On successful completion of this module students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of teaching and learning in the core subjects, including coherent and detailed knowledge with some from the forefront of the discipline (FHEQ 4.15a) 2. Develop and sustain arguments, drawing on current research and theory (FHEQ 4.15c) 3. Critically evaluate arguments, concepts and data to make judgements about teaching and learning in the core subjects (FHEQ 4.15g) 4. Communicate effectively to a specialist audience (FHEQ 4.15h) The above outcomes will be tested using the following criteria: knowledge and understanding; subject-specific and professional skills; intellectual skills; transferable skills.


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Part 1


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