Part 3

Part 3.

You are in charge of developing the City of Tempe’s infrastructure climate adaptation plan. In developing the plan you will focus on both infrastructure vulnerability and adaptation strategies. Develop your vulnerability and adaptation assessments following the specific guidance for each part below. Your adaptation plan (i.e., homework) should not exceed 3 pages.
Part 1 (Vulnerability). You are concerned that climate forecasts which show increasing intense and long heat waves in Tempe are going to affect the reliability of infrastructure. For water, power, and transportation systems, describe the vulnerabilities to infrastructure and how (and why) you would prioritize addressing them.
Part 2 (Design Storms). Recall that the robustness of infrastructure is often centered around design storms, a particularly intense but infrequent event. What is the reported 50-year 24-hour design storm at College Ave and University Dr at ASU campus (use the NOAA ATLAS to look this up)? After consulting with ASU faculty you learn that mid-century forecasts for the region are showing a 1.5-2 times increase in the design storm value that you looked up for today at NOAA ATLAS. What limitations and constraints might exist when designing for such an increase?
Part 3 (Adaptation). Describe how the City of Tempe would adapt to climate change considering the following resilience strategies: rebound, robustness, extensibility, and adaptability. What would adaptation look like under each strategy? Why would some strategies be recommended for certain conditions and other strategies for other conditions?


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Part 3


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