Patient encounters and experience gaps

Patient encounters and experience gaps.

1. In part 1, students will review their clinical experience documentation in to write a narrative about their experience thus far. Students should:
o Review their patient encounters and identify experience gaps in terms of age, acuity, certain procedures, level of complexity, etc.
o State how they plan to narrow this gap in future practicums (i.e., focus on seeing pediatric patients under the age of 5, finding a separate pediatric site for a later practicum, et cetera)
o Discuss how they have progressed throughout the practicum by identifying the goals that they have achieved and/or are still working toward
o Identify areas of weakness and communicate a plan to address these areas
2. Choose two of the NONPF CORE competencies and describe either (a) how you have met them or (b) how you plan to work toward meeting them in the future. Provide specific examples from your clinical rotation as support. FNP NONPF CORE competencies can be found at: (Links to an external site.)

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Patient encounters and experience gaps


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