Performance health matrix

Performance health matrix.

Performance health matrix + decision matrix + final recommendation (based on decision matrixes)+ implementation plan

Pages: other analysis 4-5pages; tool 22 1-1.5 pages;
Tools to use(I uploaded the PDF related the tools and the specific content of those tools are in the textbook that I uploaded):
Required: S2+S3+ S4( organizational health + performance and matrix); S8 (value proposition); E10 (Porter’s five forces analysis); E11(PEEST analysis); R16+ R17 (resources and gap analysis); 22 ( doing a decision matrix and picking one; 23(for the alternative choose but not all the alternatives).
Complementary analysis tools: like S7,E11, E12,E15,
TOOL 22 (alternatives) is the most important part, it should take 1 entire page minimum. Establish decision criteria. Not only come up with alternatives but doing a decision matrix and picking one.
Framework of tool 22 involves: alternatives; subheading say line to line of selection and justification of the decision criteria(3-5 bullet points, each of those being the decision criteria; brief estimation why each is choose to be the decision criteria.); decision matrix (below the matrix, a short paragraph that explains some of the thought process filling out the decision matrix); then have the best one pop up. (graphs or chart on the decision matrix goes to the body of report)
Tool 23 (Implementation plan): divide short, medium and long term [could use a table to do it: 3 columns, one is time frame and one is SPECIFIC actions (being specific as possible) you taking and the third is the key people responsible for that.]
• Recommendation to include at least (3) tables/figures:
 Perf./health matrix
 Prod./market matrix
 Decision matrix




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Performance health matrix


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