Personality Profile Report

Personality Profile Report.

2. Personality Profile Report—
This assessment will require you to score and plot your own personality profile data and your other-rater
profile data. You will have self and other Big 5 factor scores, and self and other HEXACO factor and facet
scores. We will step you through scoring and plotting your profiles in seminar time.
The report will be in short answer format, and questions will relate to aspects of personality testing and the
usefulness (or not) of conducting personality assessments. This assessment task is designed to help you
develop a sense of the accuracy of personality inventories (you will be able to judge if your profile really
reflects who you are), as well as their uses and their limitations.
HPS791 students will have one additional question to respond to. The additional item will relate to the
construction of personality inventories.
2.1 Assessment criteria
Your Personality Profile Report will be evaluated according to the rubric supplied in the AT2 folder. Broadly,
the assessment pertains to;
1. Your interpretation and understanding of the scores across the Big 5 and HEXACO inventories.
2. How well you apply critical thinking and reasoning to self-versus-other-rater data which we use to explore
the strengths and weaknesses of the inventories.
Given the above discussions, a position on personality testing is provided with rationale and justification to
support the perspective.
24/01/2021 62901 – 2. Personality Profile Report—Due Friday 29th January,—Due-Friday-29th-January 3/4
2.2 Word count
The word limit for this assignment ranges from 1,000-1,500 words. You may go 10% (150 words) over 1,500
without attracting a penalty. This is because we know that your profiles are all unique and some people may
have more to write about than others; however, this is not meant to be a lengthy piece of work. It is expected
that you will be succinct.
No marks are allocated to formatting or APA style. You can simply answer the questions in a ‘question and
answer’ format, however you still must still write well and use full sentences (i.e. no dot points etc.). You are
not required to provide in-text citations or a reference list, but it is good practice to acknowledge others’ work
if you do happen to include a reference.

Personality Profile Report


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