Plan for managing business functions

Plan for managing business functions.

My business is the fashion apparel online store. Please refer to the attachment on the previous papers and continue the paper.

Deliverables for this assignment are:
1. Plan for managing business functions (see below for parts)
Now it is time to construct the back-end of your business plan starting with operation,
production, and supply. This portion of the business plan is mission critical because it deals
with the management of many business functions to include production and manufacturing and
suppliers and is key to achieving operating profit. Key elements in developing this part of your
business plan are strategic in nature and include: suppliers, production, logistics (fulfillment),
and customer service. You will also have to decipher what will be your business’s
organizational structure and how it will help develop and build a high-performance culture. Do not just give your opinion, but support your positions with research-based analysis.
It is important that you reconcile some base-level assumptions in your financial projections with this portion of your business plan.




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Plan for managing business functions


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