Plato’s Republic Book III

Plato’s Republic Book III.

1. Read the excerpts from Plato’s Republic: Read Plato’s Republic Book III. Preview the document and
answer the following questions:
What are Socrates rules for poetry?
What does he want to edit out of Homer’s poetry?
What kinds of things does he want to include in the poetry that young people should listen to?
Choose two rules and explain why Socrates wants to make these rules. What effects does he think
unedited or bad poetry will have on people who read it.
Cite using quotes or paraphrases from the text as evidence to support what you are arguing.
Requirement: Each person should do the above. Then use the notes to discuss before writing the analysis.
Every student must submit their notes. Don’t worry about making them look pretty. I just want to see what
steps you took to analyze and come to a conclusion.
2. Choose a form of contemporary media that you will use as an example to support your position of
whether or not Plato is right in his belief that the media has a negative influence on society. See the options
below but you may use one that isn’t listed:

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Plato’s Republic Book III


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