Play Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.



Director/Designer Concept and Vision Board Project

You will choose one (1) scene from the Macbeth play, and act as a member of the artistic team (director, set designer, lighting and sound designer, and costume designer) for a production of that play. You will chose to take on one of these roles with the following responsibilities:
• The Director
o 1) provide a short written description of your directorial concept or vision for your production of this play
o 2) cast the production with thoughtful reasons for the choice of actors; 3) create a vision board to support the directorial concept of the play.
o 3) create a vision board that communicates your vision for the production. Keeping in mind the over all issues of the play, and the specific issues/needs of the scene.
Each designer creates his/her design for the artistic function/area chosen based on your concept for your production of the play. You will focus on one (1) scene.
o 1) provide a short written description of your concept and how it reflects the themes of the play and the specific needs of the scene.
o 2) an online/PowerPoint vision board that includes sketches, photos, or any research materials that expresses your vision. You can choose to be one of the following designers
• Designers: You can choose from the following
o Costume Designer
o Set Designer (includes Projection and any kind of moving set pieces)
o Lighting Designer (includes Projection/Special Effects)
o Sound Designer
Sourcing images for your vision board:
• search the Internet for images
• take your own photos, photoshop
• if you have the skills, drawing/sketching
• for set designers, you can build scale models of a set and photograph it (this is ambitious)
• lighting is about mood so be sure to find images that evoke emotions with lighting.


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Play Macbeth by William Shakespeare


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