please include these as well5

please include these as well5.

Scenario You are an epidemiologist and/or health care communications expert for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You are responsible for disseminating information to your peers regarding an infectious disease in a professional but educational way. The dissemination should include graphics or videos to highlight a specific disease. Using your local health district website, look up the statistics or surveillance report for infectious diseases in your community. Locate your local health district using the NACCHO website (Links to an external site.). Here is an example for the Southern Nevada Health District (Links to an external site.). Choose one disease in the latest report. Then, use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.) (Links to an external site.) and/or other government (.gov) or organizational (.org) websites to answer the discussion prompts provided. Discussion Prompts: Initial Post What disease did you choose, and why? What is the causative agent (bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.) of this disease? Describe the causative agent. Where can it be found? How can it be transmitted? What are the risk factors attributed to getting this disease? This is where a graphic or video will help! Discuss the signs and symptoms of the disease. Discuss the diagnostic testing of the disease. Discuss the possible treatments of the disease. If there are statistics related to the disease, please include these as well. For example, how many people may have had this disease in the last year? In the last 100 years? Have there been any recent outbreaks?


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please include these as well5


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