Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis.





Choose three poems from either the second quarter or the first quarter that you have not yet explored, and in a thought-filled essay, provide commentary on the “hard” observations these poems explore about human nature. In other words, what can you glean about what it means to be human from these poems? Don’t forget to include references to how writers’ rhetorical choices (imagery, diction, tone, etc) help enhance the message. Aim for an engaging introduction, developed body paragraphs (2-4), and a conclusion that aptly bookends your essay.

Required Poem:
AD, Kenneth Fearing

Wanted Men;
Millions of men are wanted at once in a big new field;
New, tremendous, thrilling, great.
If you’ve ever been a figure in the chamber of horrors,
If you’ve ever escaped from a psychiatric ward,
If you thrill at the thought of throwing poison into wells, have heavenly
Visions of people, by the thousands, dying in flames-

You are the very man we want
We mean business and our business is you
Wanted: a race of brand-new men.

Apply: Middle Europe;
No skill needed;
No ambition required; no brains wanted and no character allowed.

Take a permanent job in the coming profession
Wages: Death.

Additional Poems (choose two):
– The Panther –
– Turtle –
To a Wasp –
– To the One Upstairs –
– In a Station of the Metro –









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Poem Analysis


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