Political climate change

Political climate change.


In this assignment, you will compare the online presentation of the climate change material in two political candidates up for (re)election. These candidates must currently be competing with each other (for example, two congress people running for the same seat). These candidates do not need to be from the US – they can be from any country holding an election in the next 24 months.

Your assignment should include all of the following:

1) Screenshots of the two candidates’ webpages, if any, on this topic. If one of the candidates you select does not include information about climate change on their site, please include a snapshot of a list of issues that they do address and information from the news or other sources on their stance on climate issues.

2) A comparison of how they frame the content of the topic. How does each candidate discuss the topic differently, and how do they relate to other topics that they care about? If they do not discuss the topic, search the web to figure out why not, and briefly describe what you find.

3) A comparison of how they present the content in a technical way. Is any aspect visual/interactive/innovative, or is it just text? Why do you think they have chosen to present it in this way?

4) If you were a voter for whom climate change and related topics were your only concern, which one would you be more likely to vote for and why?



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Political climate change


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