Population for this assignment is Adolescent Pregnancy:

Population for this assignment is Adolescent Pregnancy:.

Support Group Paper
Population for this assignment is Adolescent Pregnancy:
• For this assignment, research support resources that are available to your population (Adolescent Pregnancy).
1. Your paper should include a local (county) support resource, an online resource if available, a national and/or state resource.
2. An international advocacy or lobby group trying to change policies on a national or international level.
Your paper should be 2 pages in length. It should include the history of the organization, any legislative progress it has made to change and better the lives of the population it serves, how much an impact the organization has made to educate and support the population and their issues, and one page for the summary.
• Also do not forget to use the information from question 1 to fill on the template provided below. Include contact information for the organization, the group’s mission statement- what they are trying to accomplish, service provided, if a fee is required for those services or to become a member of the organization and any restrictions the organization has in place. Any additional pertinent information you think is important.
• If the organization is supported by a celebrity spokesperson, please include that also in the paper. Also include any deficits to these support groups that you determine- for example, cost to join, access, exclusions to membership etc.
Please find below the required template for this assignment and use the information obtain from question 1 to fill in the template (local organization in the United State of America)
Topic: Adolescent Pregnancy
Name of Organization Official Website:
Physical Location:
Contact Information
Mission or Purpose
Services Provided
Emergency Contact Line
Or 24 Hour online Link
Fees or Funding
Any other significant information

Overall, this assignment is 2-page paper, template, and a one paragraph summary.

Population for this assignment is Adolescent Pregnancy:


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