( Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors?)

( Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors?).

Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors?)

Below you’ll find the information I provided on this company.

Marketing Information and Research

Research Question

An important question Bass Pro Shop needs to answer or a problem they are trying to solve in order to help the organization meet its goals and objectives is always trying to sell products to their customers for reasonable prices. One question they can ask, how they can attract the younger generation to love the outdoors and not stay inside to play video games all day.


Information Needed

There are a few things the company does to help attract the younger generation by putting on workshops to show kids how great the outdoors is. Also, with the prices they can see what people are buying now a days and offer to them at a reasonable price. 

Research Recommendations

The recommended research is of descriptive in nature that focuses on the characteristics of the customers so as to understand their purchase behavior for the products of Bass Pro Shop. The research method that would be used in order to get the information is of primary research type which would involve focus group interviews. Since the population of the target market of the customers of Bass Pro Shop is small, certain number of customers can be easily selected for interviewing them regarding their purchase preference. This research method will help in establishing the correlation relationship between the customers’ characteristic and their purchase behavior. Some of the research we will do is by conducting surveys to our customers asking them what we can improve on and what kind stuff they would like for us to sell. One thing that Bass Pro Shop does is provide vacations to different places such as Tennessee. Where Bass Pro Shop covers the expenses, but the catch is the person would have to attend a seminar on what Bass Pro Shop is about to sell, so our customers can enjoy a nice vacation. They can learn about what we have to offer.

Customer Decision-Making Profile

Identifying the Customer and Problem

Bass Pro Shop primary decision maker to buying supplies are your outdoorsmen. They like to buy hunting gear or travel gear for their next outdoors trip. Bass Pro shop primary problem for them to solve is outdoor apparel for reasonable prices. A lot of factors influence our customers, our stores are not just stores they are tourist attractions and they attract people by exotic waterfalls and animals. It is like going into the outdoors when you first walk in.

Factors Influencing Customer Decisions

Bass Pro Shops is revolutionary in their company structure. They managed to make the experience of shopping at Bass Pro Shops one that is appealing to much more than just outdoorsmen. By filling their stores with exotic animals, grand waterfalls and massive aquariums, Bass Pro has become a place not only to purchase a fishing pole of camouflage clothing, but a place to drive hours to just to experience what it means to shop at one of their stores. What makes the appeal even greater is their adaptation to their surroundings. Each store is not a mindless clone of the previous model, but rather the store is a reflection of the local biomes. Not only does the changing scenery of the stores, but Bass Pro also attracts people with their clinics and educational programs.

Reaching the Customer

Some of the marketing strategies I would use for production concept, I would like to produce appeal for the typical outdoors man at great prices and I use that product to get my customers in and to attract other individuals who loves the outdoors and can come here to get a great experience. We sell our products online and different locations around the United States.

Competitive Advantages

Bass Pro Shop have at least 10 competitors and the Key ones are Academy sports and outdoors, Dicks Sporting Goods. The advantage that Bass Pro Shop has over all of its competitors, it’s not only a retail store, it’s a tourist attraction, with all of its exotic animals it can draw in families and kids into this store. With all pf Bass Pro Shop competitors, there is enough for their competitors and bass pro shop to stay in business, because each store has their own unique way of selling, Bass Pro shop attracts people by using their outdoors feel and they are an attraction.

Market Niche and Positioning Strategy

Bass Pro Shop market niche that needs to fill is to out due all other outdoor companies by using different products that appeals to different people such as women, Bass Pro Shop offers women apparel so I can attract the women who love to spend their times in the outdoors. We can provide women size clothes and other clothing items for their needs.

Positioning Statement

To be the leading merchant of outdoor recreational products inspiring people to love, enjoy, and conserve the great outdoors.

Some objectives to move closer to that mission statement is by providing workshops teaching young customers how to love and be safe in the great outdoors. Also, by providing outdoor products for reasonable prices for our customers.

Repositioning Considerations

Bass Pro Shop does not need a repositioning because, Bass Pro Shop brand speaks for itself, the brand is unique, every time you say Bass Pro Shop, you know what they sell and what they offer. If they try to redefine themselves then customers will lose interest in the store and it can be hurtful to the brand.


Brand Description

Bass Pro Shops operates retail locations in the United States, as well as in Canada. The largest flagship stores are known as Outdoor World stores. The largest store currently is the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. Bass Pro Shops also hosts Outdoor Skills Workshops, teaching skills such as fly fishing, Dutch oven cooking, archery hunting with an archery range in the store, and GPS navigation. Something that is really branded at Bass Pro is boats. Whether it be aluminum fishing boats, fiberglass boats, and saltwater boats, they are all at Bass Pro’s. One of America’s best-selling aluminum boat is TRACKER Boats. People are obviously going to have bad reviews and some good, but the way the boat is welded and built, really has the customers satisfied.


Brand Promise

We work together based on the essential values of respect, teamwork, quality and ingenuity to create extraordinary experiences for our customers and guests. The Tracker brand promise includes 5-year bow-to-stern warranty, limited lifetime structural and deck warranty, 3-year warranty on powder coat finish adhesion, trolling motor and fish finder, provisions for transfer to second owner, one-stop factory warranty solution, and full coverage throughout the warranty period- no pro-rating. I think that this promise covers quite a bit so that is awesome having warranties if something were to happen.

Brand Voice and Personality

●     [Brand] is: great process for the typical outdoorsman and other outdoor lovers.

●     [Brand] is never: Going to move away from those customers or change anything for our customers to leave.

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Bass Pro Shop can do better in advertising online products, many advertisements are for in store sales and not much for the online sales. For someone who loves the store but don’t live near a store they can go online and still get the same great sales as they do in stores.

  When purchasing a boat, there is a lot of things that may have to be purchased to get it up and going. Having all boats set up and ready to go, would be a great benefit. This will want people to buy these products so they don’t have to worry about hooking things up to the boat or buying other accessories.

( Positioning and differentiation explain what you want to be known for in the market, and how you are different from competitors?)


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