Premarital counseling

Premarital counseling.

EXERCISE A: For each of the following theses, create the specified type of simple blueprint, and then state them together as a thesis and simple blueprint. remember that a why blueprint will often make use of the word because; a how blueprint will often use the words by or with; and a when blueprint may use the words when, whenever, or during. Be sure to state each simple blueprint in parallel form. Try to vary the ways that you state your theses and simple blueprints (simple blueprint can go before or after the thesis).

  1. Playing team sports is beneficial for a child. (why)
  2. Parents should teach their children good study habits. (how)
  3. Couples should spend quality time alone together. (when)
  4. Everyone should check out a used car thoroughly before buying it. (how)
  5. Access to a computer is essential for a college student. (when)
  6. Engaged couples should go through premarital counseling. (why)
  7. Going green can save people money. (when)
  8. People should never grocery shop when they are hungry. (why)
  9. Text messaging can be useful. (how)
  10. First-year students may struggle with being homesick during their initial weeks of college. (why)

EXERCISE B: Create a simple blueprint for each thesis and state them together as a thesis and simple blueprint. This time, you choose the type of simple blueprint for each one.

  1. First-year experience courses are valuable for most students new to college.
  2. Taking summer classes at a local college is often a good idea.
  3. Pets can be very therapeutic for the elderly.
  4. Everyone should have access to a computer.
  5. Disney World is an ideal vacation spot for families.

EXERCISE C: For each of the following theses, create a simple blueprint and then state each one as a thesis and simple blueprint.

  1. Renting an apartment can be costly.
  2. A college student should be careful to choose his or her roommate carefully.
  3. Owning a pet can be a lot of work.
  4. Playing the guitar can be challenging.
  5. Writing a research paper requires planning.

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Premarital counseling


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