Prepare a critical analysis of a specific law or policy that is relevant to home

Prepare a critical analysis of a specific law or policy that is relevant to home.

Prepare a critical analysis of a specific law or policy that is relevant to homeland security and/or emergency management. This analysis must contain thoughtful, reasoned discussion about the appropriateness of the law/policy, and what improvements you recommend and why. Your analysis may also address legal issues facing the homeland security/emergency management areas, including ethical issues.
In developing a thematic approach to your analysis of the law or policy, please address ANY two (2) of the following course learning outcomes:
1. Analyze the statutory basis for emergency management in the public sector.
2. Evaluate federal, state, tribal and local policies, legislation, directives, and regulations with respect to homeland security issues.
3. Appraise the importance of public administrators, particularly those dealing with the public during times of crisis, to act ethically.
4. Analyze the effect of public policy on a community before, during, and after a disaster.
5. Examine the critical role of court decisions in clarifying the practical application of legislation and executive decisions.
6. Evaluate the ethical issues surrounding homeland security policies and legal interpretations.
The law or policy you choose may come from any level of government (federal, state, local, tribal) but it must be an actual current law or policy related to homeland security or emergency management.
For this project, merely providing a summary of the law or policy without analysis is not acceptable. You must support your critical analysis, discussion, conclusions, and recommendations by using course-external research. Your external research must be credible and come from authoritative sources, preferably from peer-reviewed (refereed) publications. You must use a minimum of five (5) course-external resources in your analysis. Grading preference will be given to resources which come from peer-reviewed (refereed) publications.
All submissions must include the following technical components:
A cover or title page.
Labeled topical headings (e.g., Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, etc.)
Length: The report must contain a body of text, between 2,000 to 2,500 words (about 8-10 pages double-spaced, 12 point font), excluding cover, abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices, and reference pages. Reports significantly below or above the parameters will be downgraded. Please note that abstract, illustrations, graphs, table of contents, appendices are NOT required but if you do use them, they do not count as part of the body of text for length assessment.
A reference page containing a minimum of five (5) course-external resources used and cited in the report. References cited at the end of the report must be cited in text to illustrate how they were used.
Written in APA Style.

Prepare a critical analysis of a specific law or policy that is relevant to home


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