Principles of emergency management

Principles of emergency management.



Reflecting on the principles of emergency management, consider, assess and describe your individual
level of preparedness. In this assignment you’ll first explore your preparedness as a member of a
community and then you’ll use your own investment/perception/attitude about preparedness to suggest
three ways a culture of preparedness could be instilled in you and your peer-group. The objective is for
you to explore the benefits, burdens, and realities of preparedness through a critical consideration of
yourself – the focus on yourself is intentional here.
1. Describe your personal level of preparedness:
a. how informed are you about the hazards and risks you are exposed to;
b. what is your source of information and how frequently do you update your personal risk
c. what preparedness actions have you taken? Do you have a plan for different hazards?
Do you have supplies? Do you have copies of key information you would need if you
2. If you were to assign a grade to your level of preparedness (A-F) what grade would that be?
Describe the criteria/rubric you used?
3. Account for your level of preparedness:
a. what factors have driven your current level of preparedness? (For example: knowledge,
cost, time, your personal risk judgements, etc);
b. what do you consider the most difficult part of preparing?
4. Based on your reflection and descriptions in tasks 1, 2 and 3 do you consider yourself to be
representative of your peer-group? Are you more or less prepared than others?
5. Identify and describe two elements you consider key to promoting a culture of preparedness.
You can focus on individual preparedness or community preparedness – just be sure you define
this scale in your submission.
Reflect on your own preparedness as you explore fostering a culture of preparedness. Your reflection
write-up is your opinion – supported with examples and linked with readings from class.
The write-up should take the form of a paper using complete sentences and emergency management
themes, concepts, principles and terminology. Be sure you address each point outlined as a task
above – there isn’t a page limit here just be sure to cover the tasks outlined.
Due at or before 11:20am on 02/11/21 via e-courseware dropbox.
Find several preparedness distributed by FEMA (including ones for college campuses, kids/families,
etc.) at or at




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Principles of emergency management


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