PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C

PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C.

Subject Code and Title PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C
Assessment One – Project Plan
Individual/Group Individual
Length 2000 words
Learning Outcomes 1. Chart a course for a substantial industry project 2. Ensure the project bridges theory and practice
3. Integrate technology into learning environment
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 2
Weighting 25%
Total Marks 25 marks
In the course of this subject the student will be responsible for bridging theory and practice while undertaking a substantial body of work above and beyond their normal duties. The student will be supported by their academic supervisor and, if required, an organisation supervisor appointed/agreed by Torrens University. This first assignment is designed to ensure the student and their supervisors are clear on what the deliverables of the project are.
In preparing your assignment, ensure you include the following:
• provide an overview of the capstone project and you have selected;
• identify the problems/needs, explain a possible solution/development that is required and detail the outcomes the project will achieve;
• provide a project plan and budget;
• identify and detail the current skills and knowledge you possess and which will be tested in the preparation of the project; and
• explain the specific areas of theory you expect to be bridging in this capstone project.
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Learning Rubric
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Overview of the project and the role the student normally performs within it
5 marks Does not meet the minimum standard. Shows little independent thought or awareness of the project and the student’s role within it. Describes the type of project and gives an overview of the needs for the project. Neglects depth such as the aims and objectives statement or glazes over the role the student performs within it. Moves beyond the minimum standard and includes elements such as aims and objectives statement. Some critical discussion of the role performed by the student is included. Exceeds the
standard, including
aims and objectives statement of the selected project. Includes, but not limited to, a project organisational chart, the use of business case to justify needs for the project and demonstrates an awareness of the student’s role within the project. Exceeds minimum standards and shows independence in thought. Includes a project organisational chart and demonstrates an outstanding degree of awareness of the project and the student’s role within it.
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Identification of the problem, why a solution is necessary and the detailed outcomes that will be achieved
5 marks
Limited demonstrated understanding of the scope. Does not adequately justify the solution or describe stakeholders and their viewpoints. Various problems with the presentation.
Adequately describes the scope of the project but does not provide context. Ignores elements such as stakeholders, objectives or the benefits that the project will bring to the sponsoring firm. Moves beyond basic requirements to demonstrate a good contextual understanding of the project and how it will deliver value for the sponsoring firm. Includes objectives to be attained. Exceeds the minimum requirements, showing an excellent understanding of the impact the project will have on the firm. Considers multiple viewpoints and specifies objectives and performance objectives to attain. Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the problem. Details the viewpoints of all affected stakeholders using them to justify the solution from a number of options. Sets clear high level goals for the project and sets a compelling scope including key performance indicators.
Project plan and budget
5 marks
Neglects various aspects of a project plan or shows little thought on how the project will progress. Shows little appreciation for the role that financials or risk plays in the execution of organisational projects. Adequately presents the progression of the project from start to finish but requires some additional detail. May not have provided realistic figures, key assumptions, milestones or consideration of risk. Meets a minimum standard for working on and communicating the requirements for projects in firms. Presents high-level project plans but may lack necessary detail. Sets milestones and provides realistic financial and risk management plans. Moves beyond minimum requirements by showing a considered plan for project tasks, financials, risks and milestones. Demonstrates good consideration of assumptions and contingency plans. Demonstrates a sophisticated project plan and budget with realistic and justified figures, highlighting what is included and what is not. Specifies key milestones for the project and clearly delineates the project’s assumptions, providing plans for the eventuation of risks.
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Current skills to be tested
5 marks Fails to demonstrate an awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses that can be demonstrated or developed throughout the course of the subject. Provides a pedestrian or ‘tick-the-box’ assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses. May not follow through on which of them will feature throughout the subject. Demonstrates an adequate awareness of
personal and project management competencies using a framework such as the PMCD framework.
Highlights skills to be tested in the subject. Moves beyond minimum requirements, presenting awareness of personal and project
competencies in a framework such as the PMCD framework. Clearly highlights in an interest manner how these will be subject to test or development throughout the subject. Demonstrates a sophisticated awareness of personal and project
competencies in the
context of environmental stimuli, highlighting specifically the skills the student possesses that will be tested in the subject.
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Specific areas of theory to integrate
5 marks
Does not adequately identify specific theories that the placement might validate. May show a contempt for this criterion. Adequately demonstrates, although in tick-the-box fashion, some theoretical understanding from other MGPM subjects. Has not demonstrated much forethought into how these theories will be validated by the subject. Shows a good understanding and awareness of the place of the subject in the broader scheme of the course. Identifies specific and relevant theories and shows how the subject will allow the student to integrate theoretical with practical knowledge sets. Moves beyond basic requirements to demonstrate considered thought in how the subject will benefit the student in bridging theory and practice. Shows a clear penchant for learning through theory and practice. Demonstrates a preemptive and sophisticated understanding of the course and what it has taught the student so far. Uses a number of references to academic sources, demonstrating where the theory-praxis gap will be bridged by the student.

PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C


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