Project Management

Project Management.




Here are the three sections that you will address in your written quiz.

Section 1: Project Initiation. Recognize and affirm that all project plans incorporate regular checks, discussion, and documentation to ensure adherence to the ethical principles of research.

Section 2: Problem Identification. Establish the ethical basis for undertaking the project as well as the project requirements for both the protection of research participants and the equitable allocation of all potential project benefits and risks.
1. What are the expected benefits of the project to the ā€˜public good,ā€™ and do they outweigh potential risks to certain populations?
2. Are there implicit assumptions and biases in the framing of the project regarding the studied communities and how will they be addressed?
3. What type of institutional review board approval process is needed? Has the team reviewed the protocol?

Section 3: Data Discovery, Inventory, Screening, &Acquisition. Consider potential biases that may be introduced through the choice of datasets and variables.
1. Do the data include disproportionate coverage for different communities under study?
2. Do data have adequate geographic coverage?
3. Have checks and balances been established to identify and address implicit biases in the data?







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Project Management


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