Project Management

Project Management.




Additional Information for the Unit 8 / Unit 9 Assignment
The scenario for this assignments puts you into a Project Management position in which you are required to develop an action plan for 6 specific identifies areas. **please see full assignment for other requirements
Part 1 – The focus for this part is the design of audit trails and data quality monitoring. Research information about what should be included in P&Ps for the design of audit trails and data quality monitoring for a hospital. List 2 recommendations (collectively) that you think should be included in a policy after researching this information. Here are a couple of websites that might be useful:

Part 2 – Provide a summary about the regulations required for electronic signatures, data correction and audit logs. Here are a few websites that might be useful:

Part 3 – List 2 recommendations for choosing devices that are based on workflow, ergonomics, and human factors. Here are a couple of websites that might be helpful:

Part 4 – Describe each of the following as they apply to a hospital: Database design, data warehousing, systems testing, interface management, and data relationships

Part 5 –Discuss (describe) 2 issues that should be included in an information management plan that relate to corporate strategic planning, operation improvement planning, information management plans and/or disaster recovery planning. Here are a few websites that may be helpful:

Part 6 – Identify 2 challenges that exist in each phase of the SDLC if you were implementing an EHR, including Health Information Exchange (HIE), and Regional Extension Centers (RECs). Please use the SDLC model below for a total of 10 challenges




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Project Management


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